earn money by surfing websites

Traffic exchange sites have become quite popular among people who want to earn some money along with their studies, or household work.  earn money by surfing websites. The best thing about these is you don’t have to be very educated or know a lot of computer work or need a lot of money. The sole requirement is a good internet connection and a laptop. You just need a few dimes to sign up and get the ball rolling.

Traffic exchange websites provide excellent opportunities for people who want to drive traffic to their sites. They view other people’s websites and get their own viewed. The sites also allow other people to sign up and become a member. These members are paid to see the ads which also contain the websites of the advertisers. These advertisers pay the company to get their sites viewed. The company pays a fraction of the total amount earned by the members. Many of them also give commission to the members for bringing referrals and on the sales made by them.

Below are some of the traffic exchange  that can help you earn good amount of money:


You can earn money while surfing the sites. The number of places you can surf exceed 400. For every referral who view a minimum of 100 locations, you will get $0.10, and for those referrals who surf 1000 websites, you’ll receive $0.30. The least amount you can request a payout for is $3. You will be paid through PayPal. It is a well-trusted site. A lot of people have been signed up every day.


It is a manual traffic exchange site with which you can earn money. Once you become a member, you’d get a surfing URL which would be used to visit other websites. The minimum running time of one website is 15 seconds. For each view, you can earn credits. You will receive credit for every page your referrals visit. You further have a chance of winning 50% of your referrals’ credit per page. 50% commission will also be granted to you on your referral’s purchases. You can withdraw your money once it equals $5 through Payza.


This is another traffic exchange website that pays. You need to bring referrals to this site. They would buy something from the site, and you will get 25% of the purchase value. The cash will add to your account, and you can receive it via PayPal.


This is one of the unique traffic exchange websites. It has in store a great many excellent features such as chat rooms, team surfing, exciting games, and not to mention surfing bonuses. That makes surfing fun. Moreover, there is a daily cash gift for promoting the website, and you can earn commissions up to 40%.


You can earn with this site by promoting it, surfing the web, and bringing referrals. You can make around $0.15 per 1000 pages you surf. You can get $0.24 per 1000 unique visits to your pop limit. The wave time is 5 seconds.